José Thomas Cerro, 17

from San Benito, Managua

Goal: Degree in Customs Administration

Annual cost: $1800 /year
José will attend the Technological University of Trade on Saturdays; the school is 45 km from San Benito.

Walmer Yassael Sánchez, 19
from Cinco Pinos, Chinandega
Goal: Bachelor of Social Work
Annual cost: $1800 /year
Walmer will live in residence at the Autonomous University of Nicaragua in Somotillo which is 35 km from Cinco Pinos. Walmer will visit his mother on weekends.

As of August 2015, four deserving young men have qualified for the Scholarship Program. Your annual donation equal to a full or partial scholarship helps to give a young person the skills they need to complete their education and, in turn, help their families and communities to a more secure future. Please consider helping these qualifying students.

2015 Appeal for Scholarship Sponsors

Roots of Change Foundation

Source de développement

UPDATE November 2015 - As of November 2015, thanks to the generosity of several new sponsors, three full-time scholarships were awarded to deserving candidates.  Only one more to fund to meet out goal! The generosity and continuing commitment of all of our scholarship sponsors is greatly appreciated by the students and their families.

Freddy Ramón López Herrera, 18

from Santa Ana, Somatillo

Goal: BA in Pure Mathematics

Annual cost: $1800 /year

Freddy will live in residence at National Autonomous University of Nicaragua at Leon which is 110 km from Santa Ana. His mother Raymunda, 60, is a leader in their community.

Jairo Rafael García, 19

from Ceibita, Somotillo

Goal: Degree in English

Annual cost: $1800 /year

Jairo will live at home and travel daily to Cristian Autonomous University of Nicaragua in Chinandega, 75 km from home. Jairo lives with his grandmother who raised him after he was abandoned by his parents.