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In the spring of 2011, our daughter, Pascale had the opportunity to travel to Cinco Pinos, Nicaragua with her school, École Maurice-Lavallée of Edmonton, AB which nurtures a partnership with FUNDACCO and Père Hébert. The students were tasked with helping the community build a private home and lead school children in workshops.

Pascale was privileged to have been warmly hosted by the family of Glendys R. This household of two parents and two daughters welcomed her as their own and inspired Pascale with their genuine gratitude for God’s gifts of family, health and community. They laughed with her over meals and board games, nursed her when she injured herself and introduced her proudly to their extended family. The family made her feel like she was one of them, more than a guest in their home. She continues to keep in touch by telephone with the parents, children and cousins.

Upon her return, Pascale told us that Glendys and her sister alternated attendance at university as the family could not afford to pay tuition for both daughters at the same time. Struck by the contrast with our own situation, we wondered how we could help. Learning about the opportunity to provide a scholarship for Glendys through Roots of Change was incredibly exciting and we did not hesitate to take part in the sponsorship program.

Our family feels honoured to support Pascale’s Nicaraguan ‘hermana’ in her studies. We know that a university education will be a game changer for Glendys and her family and we are blessed to be in a position to help.

Muchas gracias to Roots of Change for enabling this relationship.

A Beaumont family

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