FUNDACCO - Our Partner in Hope

March 2015

In October 2007, two years after Roots ofChange was established, our partner organization FUNDACCO was formed by Father Denis Hébert and registered as a charitable society with the Nicaraguan government. As part of this process, FUNDACCO was also listed with the Canada Revenue Agency as our agent with a mandate to facilitate the missionary work of Father Denis in Nicaragua.

FUNDACCO and Roots of Change Foundation have since formed a strong and mature working relationship characterized by mutual respect and trust. Together, the two organizations have been very successful in initiating and completing a significant number of projects. In the process, FUNDACCO has expanded its capacity and capabilities through the Foundation’s support for ongoing academic and professional training for the FUNDACCO leadership team.

The team’s effectiveness in working with diverse communities and managing projects through all phases has grown substantially. FUNDACCO continues to advance the goals of both organizations to relieve poverty and instil dignity among the poor in Nicaragua.

The development of this partnership involved ongoing collaboration to resolve problems as they arose. The most challenging occurred in the past year and threatened the Foundation’s ability to transfer funds to FUNDACCO’s bank in Nicaragua. With global banking policies changing to meet the need for monitoring currency movement around the world, the ProCredit Bank in Managua requested extensive documenta- tion from both organizations to confirm their legitimacy. After several delays and much deliberation, ProCredit officials approved the documentation. Moreover, the bank confirmed their commitment to working with FUNDACCO and the Roots of Change Foundation. We are confident that this resolution will assure ongoing financial transactions well into the future.

The FUNDACCO team’s ability and capacity to provide strong leadership during that difficult time is a testament to their commitment to help their people through good times and bad.
In the last few years, as the capacity and confidence of the FUNDACCO team has grown, Father Denis’ involvement in day-to-day operations has decreased, allowing him more time for rest and reflection in his self-styled retirement.

Today FUNDACCO continues to rely on its partner, the Roots of Change Foundation, to financially support ongoing projects. Your generous gifts will continue Father Denis’ work of bringing hope and opportunity to families and communities struggling to improve their lives and those of their children.

Eugene Malo
President, Roots of Change Foundation

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