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NICA Pre-school Project - 2014 Appeal

The NICA Preschool Project encompasses three pre-schools in some of the poorest barrios in Managua, Nicaragua.  The names of the preschools are Esmeralda Palacios, Arco Iris, and Rayito de Sol.

In 2013, the number of children in these preschools ranged from 83 to 103, with teaching staff of 6 to 8 adults.  The pre-schools are well-run by dedicated teachers and parents, but their biggest challenge, of course, is funding.  

The Nicaraguan government provides a monthly payment of C$500 (approx. $20 US) for the teachers, as well as some assistance with the food program, providing cereal to be prepared on site.

The facilities are all in need of some degree of repair or improvement.  In some cases, the latrine facilities are severely lacking.  One of the pre-schools has no cooking facilities on site.  In this location, the food provided by the government and other sources is prepared in the homes of some of the parents, but this sometimes results in not all of the food being brought back to the school for the children, as everyone struggles to feed their families on a daily basis. Supplies for programs for the children are very limited, as is suitable basic furniture.

FUNDACCO representatives have started to meet with the parent groups and are helping to organize craft workshops, where the children not only have fun, they learn about collaboration, using their imaginations and being creative.  

It is FUNDACCO’s desire to have a Social Worker assigned to work with the pre-schools and the families in the barrios where they are located, providing support not only in pre-school education and activities, but also health and community engagement.

The pre-schools have been operating on a budget of less than $3,000 (US) per year.  The 2014 budget that FUNDACCO has proposed for the three pre-schools for additional supplies, maintenance, food, facility upgrades, and support is $9,000 annually.

Your consideration of this worthwhile cause is appreciated.

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