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NICA Pre-school Project - 2015 Update

Following a delegation visit to Nicaragua in December 2013, the NICA Preschool Project was initiated to fund five (later three) preschools in the poorest areas of Managua. Donor response to our appeal to support this project was generous, augmenting the funds allocated in the 2014 budget for the three continuing preschools – Emerald Palace, Ray of Sun, and Rainbow.

During 2014 and 2015 the preschools received a substantial increase in their food allowance – from $21US to $108 - $125US monthly. The schools were also stocked with new teaching materials and cleaning supplies. The teachers received training in food preparation and crafts, and in toilet training. As well, kitchens and toilets were repaired and/or upgraded.

At Christmas, children’s gifts and party supplies were provided, and the teachers received a small cash bonus. Throughout the year a FUNDACCO social worker liaised with families and provided support in preschool education and activities, as well as in health and community engagement.

The families and teachers alike send their heartfelt thanks to Roots of Change donors for bringing health, happiness and hope to their communities.

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