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  • Sponsors Step Up to Ensure Caimito Water Supply - In the spring of 2015, a handful of longtime supporters were musing about pooling their resources to fund an agricultural project that would make a difference in the lives of the poor in Nicaraguans. In June this year, they sat down with FUNDACCO’s administrative head, Luis Enrique Mora, while he was in Edmonton. More

  • Renewing the Cycle of Hope - At 33 years of age, Geysel Martinez is inspired to help the people in her community become educated and make their own decisions on how to help them­selves out of a life of poverty. She credits her career path to a meeting with Father Denis almost 20 years ago when he came to Cinco Pinos to speak to the youth group she belonged to.  More...PDF

  • Building Homes, Preserving Dignity - FUNDACCO routinely receives requests for help to repair and build houses for families living without the basic necessities of water and sanitation, and suffering the compounding stress of overcrowding. As an extended family grows to include new spouses and children, the shortage of space and privacy often leads to crisis.                More...PDF

  • San Benito Sewing Co-op - In 2008 FUNDACCO started working with the people of San Benito, a village about 35 km northeast of Managua. The near-term goal of establishing an agricultural cooperative was integrated with long-term goals to strengthen the residents’ capabilities and empower them to take charge of their community’s economic development and improve living conditions for their families.       More...PDF

  • San Benito Agricultural Co-op - Roots of Change and FUNDACCO first started working with the farmers of the San Benito area in 2008 when they assisted villagers in organizing two farming collectives. The long term goal is to establish self-sustaining farms.                                   More...PDF

  • Nurturing Social Development from Within - Harol Álvares has been working with the farmers of San Benito since 2008 when he was hired to organize the residents of that village into an agricultural co-operative "of the poor for the poor". The goal was to help the farmers overcome their social and economic obstacles by working collectively.  The approach of the co-operative is based on the inherent value of each member.                                                                          More...PDF

  • A Leader Dedicated to Improving Her Community  -  From her humble start as a child selling vegetables on the streets of Cinco Pinos, Miriam Sanchez took seriously her responsibility to help feed her family and look after others. It was with the arrival of Canadian delegations in 2009 that Miriam become involved with FUNDACCO. She was one of 12 young people in Cinco Pinos to receive a scholarship. Miriam began her university studies in business administration.    More...PDF

  • Student Delegates Build Homes for Families of Cinco Pinos - In March 2011, 23 students and three teachers from École Maurice-Lavallée in Edmonton journeyed to Nicaragua to learn about and contribute to the humanitarian work of Father Denis. During their 15-day trip, the group visited the capital, Managua, as well as Father’s home and his clinic, before making their way north to the village of Cinco Pinos. Here they were billeted with Nicaraguan families for 12 days where they got to know their hosts and the community while working on two housing projects.       More...PDF

  • Achuapa Disaster Relief Delivered - The torrential rains and flash floods that swept across Central America in October 2011 uprooted thousands of Nicaraguans who lost their homes and their livelihood. The storm has had a crippling effect on Nicaragua where over 1000 km of paved highways and rural roads were washed out and a significant portion of the coffee crop was destroyed.            More...PDF

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