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Consultations with mothers now routinely include vaccination updates.

Significant Growth in Services at San Raphael Clinic

taken from the November 2013 newsletter

With an annual budget of over $35,000 the San Raphael Clinic in the Edgard Lang neighbourhood of Managua is the largest single project supported by Roots of Change. This Clinic, which was built and is owned by our partner FUNDACCO, serves people who would otherwise not get the medical help they need.

The fulltime staff includes one doctor, a lab technician, a pharmacist and security guards. The Clinic is open six days a week. Over 200 patients are seen every month, with over 90% of them children under the age of 14. Primary health services are provided mostly in pediatrics, internal medicine and obstetrics-gynecology. In pediatrics, the demand for services has been increasing steadily as a result of the growing interest of mothers in preventing disease in their children. Consultations with mothers now routinely include vaccination updates and queries about their children’s general health, resulting occasionally in the early detection of chronic,
infectious and congenital diseases.

Consultations regarding internal medicine are also increasing, mostly for non-transmissible chronic diseases, followed by infectious diseases. The Clinic regularly helps elderly and disabled people, giving them free medical care and medications. These services greatly improve the quality of life for these people who are the most marginalized of the local population.

The Clinic has seen extraordinary progress in the last year with respect to the impact of the obstetrics and gynecology services provided. This is due in part to a national campaign of pre-natal care to reduce infant mortality, and in part to the recent introduction of Pap smears at the Clinic. The provision of this test has resulted in more instances of early detection
of cervical and uterine cancers and more referrals to specialists for treatment.

The pharmacy is also serving more patients who benefit from the low drug prices at the Clinic, as well as from the increased variety of pharmaceuticals to treat the most common diseases.
The Clinic's laboratory has seen growth as well, with increased intakes and variety of lab tests conducted to meet the needs of the population. Lastly, nursing procedures are expanding, with special attention currently on surgical sterilization.

Staff of the San Raphael Clinic appreciate the ongoing financial support from the Roots of Change Foundation. With your help they are delivering community medicine through a flexible, non-bureaucratic and creative approach that leads to a greater quality of life for their patients.

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