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Satellite clinics bring basic health services to six poor neighbourhoods

The San Rafael Clinic has a growing reputation for good service and quality care

Report on Health Services at

San Rafael and Satellite Clinics

taken from the August 2012 Roots of Change newsletter

The  San Rafael Archangel Clinic, which opened in 2009, continued to experience a steady increase in patient numbers in 2012. In the first three months there was a 38% increase in the number of patient visits, with a total of 473 visits in that period. The largest increase was among females over 15 years of age.

Medical staff attribute the increase to two developments. First,  the growing reputation of the clinic for accessibility, good service and quality care at low cost has given rise to more first-time patient visits. In addition, the recent introduction of gynecological care, Pap screening for cervical cancer and electrocardiograms has been very well received and utilized.

The most common ailments treated at the clinic were respiratory diseases such as the common cold, pharyngitis, and pneumonia, followed by digestive system diseases such as diarrhea, peptic acid disease, urinary tract infections and skin diseases.

Similar services are delivered through the Satellite Clinics which serve children predominantly. In the first 3 months of 2012 medical staff conducted examinations and laboratory services relating to 514 patient visits, mostly children between 1 and 5 years of age.

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