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The greatest impacts in the Clinic's health and wellness programs have been for women and children

Dr. Jazmin Godinez Fariñas

Profile of Dr. Jazmin Godinez Fariñas

reprinted from the August 2012 Roots of Change newsletter

As Father Denis’ humanitarian work grows to encompass more people and communities, he depends increasingly on the skill and expertise of his FUNDACCO colleagues in Nicaragua. In this issue we feature Dr. Jazmín Fariñas, a new doctor in the San Rafael Archangel Clinic.

A vibrant woman with a warm smile and a gentle manner, Jazmíndel Carmen Gutierrez Fariñas, is a native of Managua, Nicaragua. She grew up in a hardworking household with three brothers, one of whom is an economist and another, an electronics engineer. Her father is a welder, her mother a doctor and the inspiration for Jazmín’s eventual career choice.

Before starting her medical studies Jazmín studied Economic Sciences for five years at the RUCFA (Campus Carlos Fonseca Ama-dor). She switched to medicine and studied for seven years at the UNAN-Managua (National Autonomous University of Nicaragua), graduating in 2003 with her medical degree. For four years she worked in different clinics, including the Hospital SUMEDI-CO in Managua, clinics in Ciudad Sandino and Los Brasiles City, and at United Doctors Hospital in Tipitapa just north of Managua, where she enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and camaraderie.

In April 2012 Jazmín joined the medical team at San Rafael Archangel Clinic where the majority of patients are from the surrounding neighbourhood. She enjoys the supportive nature of the Clinic and felt very welcome by all. “We are all one team and there is a lot of mutual support, friendship and brotherhood among ourselves and with patients.”

On an average day the she sees 10 patients in the clinic, most of whom are children with respiratory problems, diarrhea and malnutrition. During the four months since she started working at the clinic she has seen a considerable drop in the number of patients presenting with these problems. "We continue doing what we do best, provide decent care and quality service to the most needy.”

Part of the service at the clinic is to advise parents about the importance of food for children in the first months of life, especially breast-feeding of infants by their mothers. Jazmín is dedicated to teaching families that these are the most important months for a child’s future growth and they are critical to the baby’s healthy development.

Jazmín acknowledges that the clinic has few resources and yet her team does their best and more to help those most in need. “It would be wonderful,” says Jazmín, “if in the future we could provide additional services such as ultrasound or if we had more specialists in internal medicine. We leave this to the Lord and continue doing what we do best, provide decent care and quality service to the mos

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