Roots of Change Foundation

Source de développement

Continue Father's Legacy

Roots of Change Foundation undertakes activities and programs that help to reduce poverty in some of the poorest communities of Nicaragua.

We collaborate with our partner agent, FUNDACCO, a registered charity in Nicaragua, to identify, propose, manage, and facilitate projects funded by Roots of Change. 

What We Do

As a tribute to Father Denis Hébert (1930-2015), the founder of the Roots of Change Foundation, help to continue his missionary work in Nicaragua by donating to the Father Denis Hébert Endowment Fund.


The Lives We Impact

"Thank you for the help you have given my family and the neighbourhood. With the high quality toilet and septic system installed by FUNDACCO, my family now enjoys better health. We are slowly eliminating the bad odors and the diseases caused by mosquitoes arising from the ponds, which are disappearing.”
Ana Maria, 2015 beneficiary, San Benito

Your annual donation equal to a full or partial scholarship helps to give a young person the skills they need to complete their education and, in turn, help their families and communities to a more secure future.

2017 Scholarship Appeal