Roots of Change Foundation

Source de développement

Continue Father's Legacy

“Where there is despair let me sow hope”

Roots of Change Foundation undertakes activities and programs that help to reduce poverty in some of the poorest communities of Nicaragua.

We collaborate with our partner agent, FUNDACCO, a registered charity in Nicaragua, to identify, propose, manage, and facilitate projects funded by Roots of Change. 

What We Do

As a tribute to Father Denis Hébert (1930-2015), the founder of the Roots of Change Foundation, help to continue his missionary work in Nicaragua by donating to the Father Denis Hébert Endowment Fund.


 This year’s Annual Fundraiser will highlight the plight of the Nicaraguan people since the April 2018 uprising.

WHERE:  ​Holy Family Parish Hall 

WHEN: Saturday June 1st, 2019


$80.00 each for adults ($50.00 tax deductible receipt will be provided.

$30.00 each for students (no tax receipt)

Tickets available April 15th
Click the button to purchase your tickets today! Deadline May 26, 2019 

For inquiries (or to purchase tickets over the phone) please contact 780-405-8084.

2019 Fundraiser