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Casa Esperanza Satellite Clinics Program

Satellite clinics in six of the poorest barrios in Managua

The Casa Esperanza Clinics is a program where drop-in clinics have been set up in six of the poorest barrio’s in Managua.

The clinics are invaluable to people in the community as most have no means of travel nor can they afford to go to a hospital or larger clinic.

Each clinic is located in a personal residence of a member of the community who is trained in basic first aid. Once a week on a regular schedule, the clinic is visited by a doctor who administers help to people in need.

Clinics are stocked with medical supplies on a regular base and for the most part distributed at no cost to the people in the community. The program is administered by FUNDACCO and was a project initiated by the St. Joseph’s Hospital in Comox some years ago.

Costs associated with the program

  • Ongoing training of the 6 individuals who live at each location

  • Supply of equipment including medicine cabinets and weigh scales

  • Medical supplies

  • Wages for a weekly visit by the doctor

  • Miscellaneous other (minor) costs incurred by location


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