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Eco Stoves - Community of Los Limones

This project will fund 22 residential eco-stoves in the community of Los Limones.

Many rural homes don't have access to gas or cooking appliances and purchasing propane or wood is very expensive. Therefore, most rural homes have wood burning open pit clay stoves. These traditional stoves use a lot of wood and don't vent out of the house. This causes long-term health issues with the home's occupants and affects the local environment as large amounts of wood are harvested.

The eco-stoves get vented out with piping and use 50% of the wood to create the same level of heat as the traditional stoves. Our team delivers the stoves, installs the vented piping and trains the residents on how to use them. We have successfully installed them in other communities and continue to distribute more. Take a look at our Previous Projects page to see existing installations.


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