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Hurrican Iota Disaster Relief

FUNDACCO continues to carry out the noble work Father Denis began in Nicaragua many years ago and recently had the opportunity to provide aid to the San Pablo and Santa María de Tasua communities located in the San José de Bocay Municipality, Jinotega Department. The department of Jinotega is located 147 kilometers from the city of Managua and the San Pablo and Santa María de Tasua communities are located 118 kilometers from the city of Jinotega.

It is very difficult to reach these communities located in the mountainous area of Nicaragua. The roads are narrow and dangerous with many points along the route in poor condition. Along the route the Bocay and San Pablo de Tasua rivers are crossed and the only mode of transport are 4 wheel drives.

The families that inhabit these communities were affected by Hurricanes ETA and IOTA in November 2020 and what little they had was taken away by the San Pablo de Tasua and Gusanera rivers.

As a consequence of the natural disaster, most of the houses were destroyed, there was a shortage of food, clothing and basic products for personal hygiene.

Father Denis expressed the importance of establishing direct contact with the people of the communities that are visited, this approach allows us to perceive the needs through the conditions in which they live.

Sadness, shyness, to some extent fear and great need can be seen on the faces of the people who received the food packages. It may be that these characteristics are the result of the extreme poverty in which they live, and that it has a negative influence on the joy of the spirit and the desire to live.

With knowledge of their needs, FUNDACCO prepared 40 Food Packages containing 22 basic products for family consumption, (rice, sugar, oil, coffee, salt, spaghetti, sardines, cereals , milk, laundry soap, bath soap, dish soap, detergent, toothpaste, matches, toilet paper, deodorant for men and women, toothbrush and zepol), which were delivered on April 14, 2021 to the inhabitants of those communities.

With the aid packages, it will help the families get back on their feet so that they can resume their activities in the fields. In this area, people grow corn and beans for family consumption.

From Left, Maria Araica, Pedro Cortes, Luis Mora, Mr. Antonio Montenegro President of SSVP National Council of Nicaragua, Harol Alvarez and Julio Cesar Rizo Rizo secretary of the SSVP Padre Pío Conference of Jinotega

We are grateful to the people who contributed with willingness and love in their hearts for the execution of this project and we are sure that Father Denis has enjoyed seeing that the desires of his heart are being fulfilled. No matter the distance or the place, we must go to alleviate the needs of our brothers and sisters and it is thanks to the support of the people in whom he always trusted and who are now transmitting this work of love to new generations.

We thank the directors of the Padre Pio and San Francisco de Asís Conferences, located in Jinotega, for their active participation in the execution of this project, making visits to the beneficiary communities and the application of the census, prior to the delivery of food.


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