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La Caretta Well Project

Another collaborative effort by generous donors – Spring 2019

Work was well underway at the La Carette site with drilling close to completion. The workman were at a depth of 150 feet with an anticipated final depth of around 200 feet. Percussion drilling is a slow process with gains of only a few feet per week.

A number of community members were present to greet us including the land owner who donated the land as well as the community member elected to be the representative for the project. Also present was a representative from El Bloque, Revis and a gentlemen from Esaasa the well drilling company.

We were taken back by the ruggedness of the area where these people live. Communities of 20 to 50 homes are generally located around a good producing community water well.

With the dry season at its peak in April, many of these wells dry up and people are having to walk to the neighboring community to get water – a daunting task for any family. This area of the country has high steep hills and navigating them is a challenge. Many of the children this time of the year stay home from school to help transport the vital liquid.

With El Nino’s effect on climate change in recent years, the prevalence of community wells drying up is on the rise and it affects a huge area in the north of the country termed the dry corridor.

After our visit to the well site, we walked over to a nearby home that was to become one of the beneficiaries of the project. Under the shade of some trees we had a short meeting with members of the community.

It was there that they expressed their gratitude for the generosity of those who donated towards the project. We mentioned to them that a significant part of the project was donated by a single donor in Canada which allowed the first phase (the well) of the project to start and that the Rotary Club and other groups made up the remainder of the funding to complete the project. We also stated that FUNDACCO and the Roots of Change were just the facilitators for those who have generous hearts in Canada.

Once the underground piping is complete and the new well is producing, the people of the community will have a water tap next to their home eliminating the long walk to get clean water.


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