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La Ceibita Water Distribution

Supporting St. Vincent de Paul’s Twinning program in Nicaragua

A moment of thanks from members of the community

La Ceibita, a community of 44 families, located in northwest Nicaragua, is now enjoying the benefit of having better access to that “vital liquid – potable water”.

President of National Council of Nicaragua – SSVP, Mr. Antonio Montenegro (far right) during a meeting with community members

La Ceibita community is one of only a few in the dry corridor of the country that has a water well with sufficient capacity to serve its members. Up until the completion of this project, people transported their daily water by hand from the well to their homes, no easy task when one considers the weight of this vital liquid. This project would see the installation of a water tower and distribution piping to each home in the community.

The undertaking started in May 2019 with FUNDACCO providing organizational support for the establishment of a community Water Committee. The committee, in turn, established a team from within the beneficiary group, and proceeded to execute the work activities required for the project.

This included:

  • Ditching and installation of the main and household water distribution piping

  • Cleaning and testing of the existing community well

  • Construction of a 5 meter high tower to support a 10,000 litre water receiver tank

Despite a few delays which were overcome through collaboration with FUNDACCO and municipal authorities, this dedicated group of beneficiaries achieved their main objective for their families and their community. The project was completed on July 31st, 2019.

Maria Araica, Project Coordinator for FUNDACCO reports the following:

“You have improved the living conditions of people in vulnerable rural sectors located north of the department of Chinandega.

The work carried out has as its reward the smiles of children, adolescents, elderly people, and adult men and women who look at dreams realized through the finalized project. 234 people represented in 44 families are enjoying the water service in their homes thanks to God and noble hearts, full of love for others, who fulfill the commandment of our Lord Jesus:


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