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San Benito Canaan Bakery Pizza

March 2021

FUNDACCO’s effort to promote a ‘source of hope for community development’ is part of the ongoing support provided to San Benito Collectives that were formed by them in in 2008.

Through the organization of the people who make up these collectives, FUNDACCO strives to bring change that will provide sustainable programs for growth in the community.

David Araica (right), a baker by profession, provides training to staff at the Canaan Bakery on how to make pizzas

Recently, at the request from members of the ‘Canaán’ Bakery who are one of the members of the collectives, FUNDACCO obtained and donated a pizza oven as well as professional training on how to make pizzas.

The addition of this oven and training will allow the bakery to diversify its operation and income while adding a benefit to the community as there are no other pizzerias in the San Benito area.

Harol Osmany inspecting a melon crop grown by one of the collectives

The San Benito Collectives initiative is part of the Foundations ‘Ongoing Programs’ in Nicaragua and is supported by donations to our general operating budget. The coordinator of the program in San Benito, Harol Osmany, has been with FUNDACCO since 2008 and is a valued member of the FUNDACCO team. He brings with him considerable knowledge in community development and is trusted by members of the collectives as a source of information that will bring benefits to their community.


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