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Scholarships Program - Graduation 2020

February 2020

The success of our Education Program has produced three graduates who now have a better chance at breaking the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.

Although a difficult year for some due to the pandemic, graduates as well as the other beneficiaries of our Education Program were able to complete their studies thanks to the support of our donors.

2020 Graduates

Maria Gertrudis Pérez Dinarte

Maria is a graduate in Educational Sciences with a specialty in Language and Literature. Her new qualifications allowed her to find employment as a teacher of young people who study at the “San Jacinto” high school in the San Benito Community.

Katy Patricia Rios Lumbi

As a result of obtaining her Bachelor of Nursing degree, in January Katy was able to find work as a nurse at the Fernando Velez Paiz Hospital located in the city of Managua.

Aura Violeta Garcia

Aura received graduate status in Social Work and is now working as coordinator of the Arco Iris Community Preschool, located in the Carlos Nuñez-Sur neighborhood of District VII in Managua.


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