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St. Raphael Archangel Clinic - Biological Risks

From left to right: Yara Amanda Romero Pastran – General Practitioner, Massiel Aguilar Murillo – General Physician, Nancy Nohemi Espinoza Solis – Pharmacy, Maria Jose Romero – General Physician, Jelmy Xiomara Pastran Davila – Custodian and Vania Erlinda Varela Lopez – Pharmacy

February 2021

People are living in extraordinary times worldwide, but we cannot let the situation dominate us. We must develop strategies that help us improve every day to take care of our health, economy, family, work and all that we have in our environment.

Father Denis’s love for FUNDACCO was manifested in all aspects of daily life, and that love is maintained to honor his memory.

Based on the sentiment of Father Denis, preventive alternatives are continually sought against diseases transmitted through parasites, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms and other unknowns that can affect the staff at the Rafael Arcángel Clinic, who are directly linked to patients with different pathologies.

Dr. Massiel Aguilar (right) delivering a talk on Biological Risks associated with operation of the San Rafael Archangel Clinic

Faced with this reality, on February 4/2021, Dr. Massiel Aguilar, who attends the Satellite posts gave a talk on “Biological Risks” to the Clinic staff.

Subject areas included:

  • The laws that regulate the risk of workers when caring for patients.

  • The risk of acquiring infections, poisonings, or non-chemical allergic processes as a consequence of exposure to microorganisms.

  • Exposure in the disposal of hazardous waste generated in health institutions has special risks and difficulties

  • The actions they must take to protect themselves against a possible contagion (laboratory, infirmary, etc.).

  • The preventive measures that must be practiced in the aspects of hygiene and conditions of the workplace facilities.

The work team in the Clinic are continually trained and give educational talks that allow for increased knowledge and improvement of conditions for care of patients and staff.


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